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GPS Emergency Procedures

In Case of an Emergency

If you or someone in your lab or office is hurt, or there is a fire or explosion of any sort you should:

  1. Immediately dial extension 5000 or (626) 395-5000 for emergency assistance. That is the Security Office emergency line.
  • The security officers are trained as "First Responders."
  • They can evaluate the need for an ambulance.
  • They can arrange medical treatment.
  • They have a direct line to the fire department.
  • They will notify the Safety Office.
  1. Always inform someone in the division office after security has been contacted.
  2. See the Caltech Emergency Response Guide for detailed information on what to do in the event of an emergency.

Building Emergencies

In the event of an emergency which requires any of the geology buildings to be evacuated, everyone should take their keys with them. Women should also take their purses. As you leave your office or lab, please close the door behind you. The geology assembly area for Arms, Linde+Robinson, and South Mudd is Arms circle (south side of Arms building). North Mudd occupants assemble on Bechtel Mall (north of North Mudd).  Exit paths for each building can be viewed on the GPS division evacuation map

For comprehensive emergency information, refer to the GPS Emergency Action Plan.  For campus-wide safety information, visit the Caltech Environment, Health and Safety Office website.