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Caltech’s Apollo Connection

Caltech geologists and geophysicists were among the first U.S. scientists to analyze material brought back from the moon.
Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Module on the Moon

Six Researchers Receive Presidential Early Career Awards

Jon Nalick
Honor recognizes outstanding scientists and engineers who show exceptional promise.
Triptych of headshots: Heather Knutson, Austin Minnich, and Thomas Vidick

Probing A New Class of Exoplanets

An international team of scientists has analyzed the chemical composition of the atmosphere of an exoplanet that is unlike anything in the solar system.

NASA Selects Caltech-Led Lunar Mission as a Finalist

Robert Perkins
The Lunar Trailblazer mission to investigate water on the Moon, led by Caltech's Bethany Ehlmann, has been selected by NASA as a finalist.

Dexter A. Bailey, Jr., Appointed Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations

A nationally recognized leader, Bailey brings more than two decades of development experience to the campus.
Dexter A. Bailey, Jr.

Caltech Celebrates the Class of 2019

Judy Hill
Caltech celebrated its 125th annual commencement on Friday, June 14, 2019.
Caltech commencement

Students Receive 2019 Awards

Emily Velasco
Outstanding students from many disciplines have been presented with awards for their achievements.
A portrait of several students who won the 2019 Robert L. Noland Leadership Award

Table Salt Compound Spotted on Europa

Robert Perkins
New insight on Europa's geochemistry was hiding in the visible spectrum.

Caltech Launches Merkin Institute for Translational Science

A gift to Break Through: The Caltech Campaign from trustee Richard Merkin will help Caltech scientists and engineers transform discoveries and inventions into advances in human health.
Richard Merkin

"Neural Lander" Uses AI to Land Drones Smoothly

Robert Perkins
Control engineers and AI experts team up to make drones that fly more smoothly close to the ground
Neural Lander