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Charles Elachi

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Planetary Science, Emeritus
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Mail Code: MC 150-21
Office: South Mudd (Geophysics)
Phone: 626-395-6803
Email: charles.elachi@​
B.Sc., University of Grenoble, 1968; Dipl. Ing., National Polytechnical Institute (Grenoble), 1968; M.S., Caltech, 1969; Ph.D., 1971; M.B.A., University of Southern California, 1978; D.Sc.h.c., Occidental College. Research Fellow, Caltech, 1971-73; Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, 1982-88; Lecturer in Electrical Engineering and Planetary Science, 1988-2001; Professor, 2002-16. Vice President and Director, 2001-16; Professor Emeritus, 2016-.

Research Interests

Experience and interest in the use of spaceborne active microwave instruments and remote sensing of planetary surfaces spheres and subsurfaces; analysis and interpretation of radar imagery of planetary surfaces (including Earth); electromagnetic theory and wave propagation; space exploration policy.