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Jean-Philippe Avouac

Earle C. Anthony Professor of Geology and Mechanical and Civil Engineering
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M.E., Ecole Polytechnique, 1987; Ph.D., Institut de Physique du Globe, 1991; Habil., 1992. Professor, Caltech, 2003-11; Earle C. Anthony Professor, 2012-; Director, Tectonic Observatory, 2004-13.
Research Areas: Geology; Geomorphology; Tectonics

Research Interests

Observation and modeling of crustal deformation, earthquakes, and landscape evolution; methods developments in morphotectonics, remote sensing and GPS geodesy; orogenic porocesses; current research programs in the Himalaya, Tien Shan, and the Sumatra and Peru-Chile subduction zones. For more information on my research please see my personal website.

My research aims mainly at understanding better earthquakes, crustal deformation, and geomorphic processes.   We use field observations, seismological and geodetic measurements, remote sensing to develop kinematic and dynamic models and inform theory.

 Currently active projects concern: seismicity  and mountain building processes in the Himalaya; the imaging and dynamic analysis of seismic (‘regular earthquakes') and aseismic (‘slow earthquakes') fault slip; probabilistic forecasting of ground deformation and seismicity, in particular in the context of subsurface engineering operations (for CO2 storage or geothermal energy production for example); the effect of hydrology on crustal deformation and seismicity; dune dynamics on Mars and Earth.

Please see my research page for a description of my research projects.

Selected Publications

Please see my research page for a complete list of my publications available in PDF format.