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Setup a Class Website

GPS faculty can provide students information for their classes through the use of a class website.  A class website can be developed for a faculty member and TAs can update the website throughout the course.  When requesting a class website one can choose to have the contents of the website unrestricted or restricted.  To help make sure one chooses the best option for your class needs, please read the information below.

Unrestricted vs. Restricted Access

Unrestricted Access (DEFAULT)

Unrestricted access is open access to the World Wide Web.  This provides immediate open access to all content of your website.

Restricted Access

Restricted access is blocking access to a website or content by user ID and password or by IP address.  This will prevent unauthorized access to the contents of your website

Restricted by IP Address:

  • CIT OnlyOnly computers accessing the class website using a Caltech IP address (Caltech Network) can view the content of the website.
  • GPS OnlyOnly computers accessing the class website using the GPS Network (Arms, N. & S. Mudd, and Linde) can view the content of the website.

Password Protected:

  • Site-wide –Password protection for your entire class website
  • Per-folder - Password protection on a single folder on your class website.


To request a class website please fill in this formClass website request form


Important Note: If any link on your class website routes to a website or file on your personal (home) computer, that file will not be restricted.  We can only restrict websites and files stored on the GPS server.