Ge 120. Summer Field Geology. 12 units (0-12-0); summer. Prerequisites: Ge 11 ab, Ge 106, or instructor's permission. Intensive course in techniques of field observation and documentation. The course includes two and one-half weeks of mapping in a well-exposed area of the southwestern United States, and the preparation of a report in September prior to registration week.

Ge 121 b. Advanced Field and Structural Geology. 12 units (0-9-3); first, third terms. Prerequisites: Ge 120 or equivalent, or instructor's permission. Field mapping and supporting laboratory studies in topical problems related to Southern California tectonics and petrogenesis. Each year the sequence offers a breadth of experience in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Instructors: Stock (first term), Saleeby (third term).

Ge 147. Tectonics of Western North America. 9 units (4-0-5); second term. Prerequisite: Ge 11 ab. Major tectonic features of western North America, including adjacent craton and Pacific Ocean basin. Active plate junctures, igneous provinces, crustal uplift, and basin subsidence. Tectonic evolution from late Precambrian to recent time, and modern analogues for paleotectonic phenomena. Alternates with Ge 135. Given in alternate years; offered 2007–08.