Jason B. Saleeby

Born: October 24, 1948
Unmarried, 1 child


1972 Bachelor of Science(Geology) summa cum laude, California State University at Northridge
1975 Doctor of Philosophy(Geology), University of California at Santa Barbara
1972 Instructor, Geoscience Department, California State University at Northridge
1974 Instructor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Southern California
1974-1975 W.A.E., U.S. Geological Survey, Alaskan Branch
1974-1978 Assistant Professor of Geology, University of California at Berkeley
1978-1987 Associate Professor of Geology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
1979-present W.A.E., U.S. Geological Survey, Alaskan Branch
1987-present Professor of Geology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena


"Structure, Petrology and Geochronology of the King-Kaweah Mafic-Ultra mafic Belt, Southwest Sierra Nevada Foothills, California," 271 pp., (1) plate. Thesis advisors: C.A. Hopson and G.R. Tilton.


Dr. Saleeby teaches introductory and advanced geological field mapping, structural geology, physical geology, Cordilleran regional geology and tectonics, global mountain building and plate tectonics, application of petrogenetic and geochemical studies to regional and global tectonics. He also volunteers as a classroom and field instructor of high school and junior high school level Environmental Sciences and Arts. He is President and Director of Island Outpost, a public charity designed toward environmental education field excursions and the disseminating of scientific information to the general public.


Dr. Saleeby's research interests include: Regional field, petrologic and radiogenic isotopic and geochronologic studies applied to the interactions of oceanic and continental plates, tectonic and magmatic accretion of continental crust, dynamics of continent edge batholithic belts and the paleogeographic development of western North America; petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of the upper mantle beneath the Sierra Nevada region based on studies of Neogene volcanic hosted xenoliths integrated with regional geophysical studies; tectonic and petrogenetic development of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, southern U.S.S.R. and its relations with the paleogeographic evolution of the northern Tethys ocean basin;. study of pre-industrial levels of Pb in human bone and tooth remains from ancient ice burials as a base line for the study of anthropogenic global Pb pollution.


Dr. Saleeby is a member of the American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science, American Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists, American Geophysical Union, and Geological Society of America.