GE 106 - Introduction to Structural Geology, 9 units. Second term, offered every year.

Description and origin of main classes of deformational structures. Introduction to continuum mechanics and its application to rock deformation. Interpretation of the record of deformation of the earth's crust and upper mantle on microscopic, mesoscopic, and megascopic scales. Introduction to the tectonics of mountain belts.


GE 110 - Geographic Information Systems for Geology and Planetary Sciences, offered every year.

GE 177 - Active Tectonics, 12 units. Third term, offered every two years.

I introduce a variety of techniques to describe 'quantitatively' deformation of the crust and lithosphere together with a review of the basic mechanisms governing lithospheric deformation and the seismic cycle. The emphasis will be put on active tectonics and continental deformation. We will be dealing with the earthquake cycle and how it concurs to geological deformation over the longer term. We will try to lead you to think not only in terms of kinematics, but also in terms of stress and rheology. The labs will lead you to analyze and model data from real-case studies.

GE 277 - Active Tectonics and Geodynamics, 6 units. Second Term, offered every year.

Discussion of key issues in active tectonics based on a review of the literature. The topic of the seminar is adjusted every year based on the students interest and recent literature. Information is posted on the instructors web page.