Ge/ESE 154. Readings in Paleoclimate. 3 units (1-0-2); second term. Prerequisite: instructor's permission. Lectures and readings in areas of current interest in paleoceanography and paleoclimate. Not offered 2007–08.

Ge/ESE 155. Paleoceanography. 9 units (3-0-6); second term. Evaluation of the data and models that make up our current understanding of past climates. Emphasis will be placed on a historical introduction to the study of the past ten thousand to a few hundred thousand years, with some consideration of longer timescales. Evidence from marine and terrestrial sediments, ice cores, corals, and speleothems will be used to address the mechanisms behind natural climate variability. Models of this variability will be evaluated in light of the data. Topics will include sea level and ice volume, surface temperature evolution, atmospheric composition, deep ocean circulation, tropical climate, ENSO variability, and terrestrial/ocean linkages.