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Mar Flexas

Senior Research Scientist
Mar Flexas
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Mail Code: MC 131-24
Office: 205 Linde+Robinson Laboratory
Phone: 626-395-8674
Email: marf@​

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Ocean circulation and dynamics in high latitudes, mesoscale and submesoscale dynamics, shelf-slope processes, flow over submarine canyons

Selected Publications

Siegelman, L., P. Klein, P. Rivière, A.F. Thompson, H.S. Torres, M.M. Flexas & D. Menemenlis (2019): Enhanced heat flux at deep ocean fronts. Nature Geoscience, 12.

Flexas, M.M., A.F. Thompson, H.S. Torres, P. Klein, T. Farrar, H. Zhang & D. Menemenlis (2019): Global estimates of the energy transfer from the wind to the ocean, with emphasis on near-inertial oscillations. Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans, 124, 5723-5746.

Salat, J., J. Pascual, M.M. Flexas, T.M. Chin & J. Vázquez-Cuervo (2019):  Forty-five years of oceanographic and meteorological observations at a coastal station in the NW Mediterranean: a ground truth for satellite observations. Ocean Dynamics, 69, 1067-1084.

Siegelman, L., M. O'Toole, M.M. Flexas, P. Rivière & P. Klein (2019): Standing meander of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current as biological hotspot: Evidence from high-resolution southern elephant seal's observations. Scientific Reports, 9, 5588, 1-13.

Clark, E. B., A. Branch, S. Chien, F. Mirza, J. Farrara, Y. Chao, D. Fratantoni, D. Aragon, O. Schofield, M.M. Flexas & A.F. Thompson (2019): Station keeping underwater gliders using a predictive ocean current model and applications to SWOT calibration and validation. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 1-14.

Branch, A., M.M. Flexas, B. Claus, A.F. Thompson, Y. Zhang, E. B. Clark, S. Chien, D. Fratantoni, J.C. Kinsley, B. Hobson, B. Kieft & F. Chavez (2018): Front delineation and tracking with multiple underwater vehicles. Journal of Field Robotics, 36, 568-586.

Viglione, G., A. F. Thompson, M.M. Flexas, J. Sprintall & S. Schwartz (2018): Abrupt transitions in submesoscale structure in Southern Drake Passage: Glider observations and model results. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 48 (9), 2011-2027.

Flexas, M.M., M.I. Troesch, S. Chien, A.F. Thompson, S. Chu, A. Branch, J.D. Farrara & Y. Chao (2018): Autonomous sampling of ocean submesoscale fronts with ocean gliders and numerical model forecasting. J. Atmos. Oc. Tech, 35 (3), 503-521.

Bohoyo, F., R.D. Larter, J. Galindo-Zaldívar, P.T. Leat, A. Maldonado, A.J. Tate, M.M. Flexas, E.J.M. Gowland, J.E. Arndt, B. Dorschel, Y.D. Kim, J.K. Hong, J. López-Martínez, A. Maestro, O. Bermúdez, F.O. Nitsche, R.A. Livermore & T.R. Riley (2018): Morphological and geological features of Drake Passage, Antarctica, from a new digital bathymetric model, Journal of Maps, 15, 49-59.

Wang, J., L.L. Fu, B. Qiu, D. Menemenlis, J.T. Farrar, Y. Chao, A.F. Thompson & M.M. Flexas (2017): An observing system simulation experiment for the calibration and validation of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography sea surface height measurement using in-situ platforms. J. Atmos. Oc. Tech, 35, 281-297.

Romano, C., M.M. Flexas, M. Segura, S. Román, N. Bahamon, J.M. Gili, A. Sanchez-Vidal & D. Martin (2017): Canyon effect and seasonal variability of deep-sea organisms in the NW Mediterranean: Synchronous, year-long captures of "swimmers" from near-bottom sediment traps in a submarine canyon and its adjacent open slope, Deep-Sea Res. I, 129, 99-115.

Ruan, X., A.F. Thompson, M.M. Flexas & J. Sprintall (2017): Contribution of topographically generated submesoscale turbulence to Southern Ocean overturning. Nature Geoscience, 10, 840-845.

Thompson, A.F., Y. Chao, S. Chien, J. Kinsey, M.M. Flexas, Z.K. Erickson, J. Farrara, D. Fratantoni, A. Branch, S. Chu, M. Troesch, B. Claus & J. Kepper (2017): Satellites to seafloor: Toward fully autonomous ocean sampling. Oceanography, 30(2), 160-168.

Flexas, M.M., M.R. Arias & M.A. Ojeda (2017): Hydrography and dynamics of Port Foster, Deception Island, Antarctica.  Ant. Sci., 29(1), 83-93.

Zhang, X., A.F. Thompson, M.M. Flexas, F. Roquet & H. Bornemann (2016): Circulation and meltwater distribution in the Bellingshausen Sea: From shelf break to coast. Geophysical Research Letters, 43, 6402-6409.

Ahumada-Sempoal, M.A., M.M. Flexas, R. Bernardello, N. Bahamon, C. Reyes-Hernández & A. Cruzado (2015): Shelf-slope exchanges and particle dispersion in Blanes submarine canyon (NW Mediterranean Sea): A numerical study. Cont. Shelf Res., 109, 35-45.

Flexas, M.M., M.P. Schodlok, L. Padman, D. Menemenlis & A.H. Orsi (2015):  Role of tides on the formation of the Antarctic Slope Front at the Weddell-Scotia Confluence. J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 120, 3658-3680.

Youngs, M.K., A.F. Thompson, M.M. Flexas & K.J. Heywood (2015): Weddell Sea export pathways from surface drifters. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 45, 1068-1085.

León, P., J.M. Blanco, M.M. Flexas, D. Gomis, A. Reul, V. Rodríguez, F. Jiménez-Gómez, J.T. Allen & J. Rodríguez (2015): Surface mesoscale pico-nanoplankton patterns at the main fronts of the Alboran Sea. J. Mar. Sys., 143, 7-23.

Pasqual, C., A. Amores, M.M. Flexas, S. Monserrat & A. Calafat (2014): Environmental factors controlling particle mass fluxes on the Mallorca continental slope (Western Mediterranean Sea). J. Mar. Sys., 138, 63-69.

Balbín, R., J.L. Lopez-Jurado, M.M. Flexas, P. Reglero, P. Vélez-Belchí, C. González-Pola, J.M. Rodríguez, A. García & F. Alemany (2014): Interannual variability of the early summer circulation around the Balearic Islands: Driving factors and potential effects on the marine ecosystem. J. Mar. Sys., 138, 70-81.

Ahumada-Sempoal, M.A., M.M. Flexas, N. Bahamon, R. Bernardello & A. Cruzado (2013): Northern Current variability and its impact on the Blanes Canyon circulation: A numerical study. Progress Oceanogr., 118, 61-70.

López-Fernández, P., A. Calafat, A. Sanchez-Vidal, M. Canals, M.M. Flexas, J. Cateura & J.B. Company (2013): Multiple drivers of particle fluxes in the Blanes submarine canyon and southern open slope: Results of a year-round experiment. Progress Oceanogr., 118, 95-107.

Romano, C., J. Coenjaerts, M.M. Flexas, D. Zúñiga, A. Vanreusel, J.B. Company & D. Martin (2013): Spatial and temporal variability of meiobenthic density in the Blanes submarine canyon (NW Mediterranean). Progress Oceanogr., 118, 144-158.

Aguzzi, J., J.B. Company, N. Bahamón, M.M. Flexas, S. Tecchio, U. Fernandez-Arcaya, J.A. García, A. Mechó, S. Koenig & M. Canals (2013): Seasonal bathymetric migrations of deep-sea fishes and decapod crustaceans in the NW Mediterranean Sea. Progress Oceanogr., 118, 210-221.

Jordà, G., M.M. Flexas, M. Espino & A. Calafat (2013): Deep flow variability in a deeply incised Mediterranean submarine valley (Blanes canyon). Progress Oceanogr., 118, 47-60.

Ingels, J., A. Van Reusel, C. Romano, J. Coenjaerts, M.M. Flexas, D. Zúñiga & D. Martin (2013): Spatial and temporal infaunal dynamics of the Blanes submarine canyon-slope system (NW Mediterranean); changes in nematode standing stocks, feeding types and gender-life stage ratios. Progress Oceanogr., 118, 159-174.

Fernández-Arcaya, U., G. Rotllant, E. Ramírez-Llodra, L. Recasens, J. Aguzzi, M.M. Flexas, A. Sanchez-Vidal, P. López-Fernández, J.A. García & J.B. Company (2013): Reproductive biology and recruitment of the deep-fish community from the NW Mediterranean continental margin. Progress Oceanogr., 118, 222-234.

Tecchio, S., E. Ramirez-Llodrá, J. Aguzzi, A. Sanchez-Vidal, M.M. Flexas, F. Sardà & J.B. Company (2013): Seasonal fluctuations of deep megabenthos: Finding evidence of standing stock accumulation in a flux-rich continental slope. Progress Oceanogr., 118, 188-198.

Xu, Y., E. Rignot, I. Fenty, D. Menemenlis & M.M. Flexas (2013): Subaqueous melting of Store Glacier, West Greenland from three-dimensional, high resolution numerical modelling and ocean observations. Geophysical Research Letters, 40, 1-6.

Balbín, R., M.M. Flexas, J.L. Lopez-Jurado, M. Peña, A. Amores & F. Alemany (2012): Vertical velocities and biological consequences at a front detected at the Balearic Sea. Cont. Shelf Res., 47, 28-41.

Palmer, M., D. Gomis, M.M. Flexas, G. Jordà, L. Juillon, T. Tsubouchi & A.C. Naveira-Garabato (2012): Water mass pathways and transports over the South Scotia Ridge west of 50ºW. Deep Sea Res. I, 59, 8-24.

Ordines, F., G. Jorda, A. Quetglas, M.M. Flexas, J. Moranta & E. Massutí (2011): Connections between hydrodynamics, benthic landscape, and associated fauna in the Balearic Islands, western Mediterranean. Cont. Shelf Res., 31, 1835-1844.

Zuñiga, D., M.M. Flexas, A. Sanchez-Vidal, J. Coenjaerts, A. Calafat, G. Jordà, J. García-Orellana, J. Puigdefàbregas, M. Canals, M. Espino, F. Sardà & J.B. Company (2009): Particle fluxes dynamics in Blanes Submarine Canyon (Northwestern Mediterranean). Progress Oceanogr., 82, 239-251.

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