Ge 151. Fundamentals of Planetary Surfaces. 9 units (3-3-3); Prerequisite: Ge 11 abc or equivalent. Review of surface histories and processes responsible for the formation and modification of the surfaces of the terrestrial planets and the Jovian satellites. Topics: exogenic surface processes, including impact, gravitational degradation, atmospheric modification of surfaces by wind and water, and the direct interaction of surfaces with plasmas; endogenic modification of surfaces by tectonics and volcanism; surface histories of Mercury, Venus, the moon, and Mars; the surfaces of icy bodies. Grades assigned on basis of homework and written and oral term project. For more information, see or the GPS catalog entry.

Ge 156. Topics in Planetary Surfaces. 6 units (3-0-6); Prerequisite: Ge 151 or permission of the instructor.  Reading about and discussion of current understanding of the surface of a selected terrestrial planet, major satellite, or asteroid. Important "classic" papers will be reviewed, relative to the data that are being returned from recent and current missions. Grades based on assigned oral and written presentations. May be repeated for credit. For more information, see the class page or the GPS catalog entry.

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