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Greenland Pictures

British West Greenland Expedition.  Crossing the Rink Glacier, 1950.

The summer melt has carved deep streams into the glacier surface.

Peter Wyllie with the big box following Trevor Ransley.

Inside the Rink Glacier, 1950.

A.  Peter Wyllie being lowered into a crevasse to study the ice crystals.

B.  At the bottom of the crevasse:  making crystal rubbings with pencil and paper.  The orientation and shape of the crystals provides information relevant to the mechanism of flow of the solid ice.

London Bridge, England, 1952


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill were Patron and Vice Patron of the British North Greenland Expedition.  Shortly before the expedition ship sailed, Queen Elizabeth inspected the explorers onboard ship, wearing their arctic clothes (in warm London summer).

We sailed the Atlantic in this Norwegian sealing vessel.  We unloaded the ship in a fjord, and a squadron of Sunderland flying boats came in to fly us and up to 2 years' supplies to an isolated lake in Dronning Louise Land, which was unfrozen through about 5 summer weeks

We did our share of back-packing in Dronning Louise Land, but the real treat was driving a husky dog team.  Peter Wyllie and Angus Erskine in scenes  from 1955, snow-covered glaciers.  Sometimes sledging was routine, but:-

--  sometimes,  the sledging got rough


The scene below shows that at lower elevations ice ridges interfere with smooth mushing. The ridges of ice may be high enough to separate the dogs and sledge, leaving the driver unable to reach the dogs with his "guiding" whip.  My sledge has just reached the top of such an ice ridge.

When the beautiful arctic foxes stole our dog food during the dark winters, we had to resort to trapping.  I caught two, skinned them, brought them home for sister & future bride.


Reprinted from Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 5, No. 40, February 1965