CURRICULUM VITAE – Shrinivas R. Kulkarni

Astronomy 105-24, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA 91125
srk @ (626) 395-3734/4010
Last Revised: Nov/2003


1983 Ph.D. (Astronomy), University of California at Berkeley
1978 M.S. (Physics), Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi


2001- McArthur Professor of Astronomy & Planetary Sciences, Caltech
1997-2000 Executive Officer, Astronomy, Caltech, Pasadena
1996-2001 Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences, Caltech, Pasadena
1992-1995 Professor of Astronomy, Caltech, Pasadena
1990-1992 Associate Professor of Astronomy, Caltech, Pasadena
1987-1990 Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Caltech, Pasadena
1985-1987 Robert A. Millikan Fellow in Radio Astronomy, Caltech, Pasadena
1983-1985 Post-doctoral Fellow, Radio Astronomy Laboratory, U. C. Berkeley

Visiting Positions

2002 Salpeter Lecturer, Cornell University
2000-2001 Visiting Professor and Harris Lecturer, MIT, Cambridge
1995 Miller Visiting Professor, Univ. of California, Berkeley (April-May)
1995 Visiting Scholar, University of Georgia System (March)
1994 Spring Lecturer in Astrophysics, Princeton University (May)
1993 Visiting Professor, ISAS, Japan (March-June)
1992 Visiting Scientist, Arecibo Observatory, NAIC (Oct-Dec)
Professional Services (A Selection)
2002 Cornell University (NAIC Director Selection)
2000- Interdisciplinary Scientist, Space Interferometry Mission (SIM), NASA
2001- Chair, Chandra Users Group, NASA
2000- Co-PI, SIM Key Project for Extra-solar Planet Searches, NASA
1998 Member, Working Group on Substellar Mass Objects, National Academy of Sciences
1998- Member, Chandra Users group
1998- Member, Keck Interferometer Science Steering Group, NASA
1997- Member, Visiting Committee, Arecibo Observatory, Cornell U.
1995 Member, Beyond HST, AURA

Synergetic Activities

My principal expertise and interests are the study of compact objects and the search and study of sub-stellar objects and planets. I am very keen to develop new methodologies in each of these areas. Educating graduate studens and mentoring post-doctoral fellows, particularly by giving them opportunities beyond a narrow astronomical experience (made by possible by encouraging development of instrumentation or methodologies, helping develop access to premier instruments around the world, international collaboration) is perhaps my best contribution. My students and postdocs are found in academia and high tech industries. The instruments that we have developed (CPSR, FPTM, BCPM etc) have been made available to the entire community.

My interests are quite broad and are listed below. In addition to mentoring and advising I have served on a number of national committees (listed above). On an average, on an annual basis, I give about six talks to the general public (ranging from schools to astronomy clubs).


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C S. B. Anderson (Caltech), S. Ballmer, D. C. Backer (UCB), M. Bailes (Swinburn), C. Beichman (JPL), G. de Bruyn (Groningen), D. A. Frail (NRAO), D. Fox (PSU), C. Gelino, D. Golimowski (JHU), M. Ireland, N. Law, J. Lloyd, J. P. Macquart, E. Ofek, A. Rau, M. Shao (JPL), G. Taylor (NRAO), E. Waxman (Weismann), A. Wolszczan (PSU)

Doctoral Advisees

D1 J. S. Bloom (UCB), E. Berger (OCIW), R. Danner (NGC), W. Deich(UCSC), B. F. Lane (MIT), B. A.
Jacoby (NRL), D. Kaplan (MIT), H. M. Johnston (Australia), J. Navarro (industry), B. Oppenheimer
(AMNH), P. Price (IfA), R. J. Rand (UNM), A. Soderberg (CIT), J. Sandhu (JPL), G. Vasisht (JPL)

Post-doctoral advisees

D2 A. Boccaleti (France), M. Britton (Caltech), J. C. Clemens (UNC), M. Creech-Eakman (JPL), A.
Diercks (industry), C. Gelino (Caltech), E. Martin (Spain), D. Fox (PSU), T. J. Galama (industry),
T. T. Hamilton (RAND), C. Haniff(Cambridge, UK), F. Jenet (JPL), V. Kaspi (McGill), C. Koresko
(JPL), M. Konacki (Caltech), J. Lloyd (Caltech), D. S. Moon, J-L Margot (Cornell), T. Nakajima
(Japan), M. Osorio-Zapatero (Spain), J. A. Phillips (USA), D. E. Reichart (UNC), R. Rutledge
(McGill), S. E. Thorsett (UCSC), M. van Kerkwijk (U Toronto), X-P Pan (JPL)

E1 SRK' graduate advisor: C. Heiles, UCB
E2 SRK's post-graduate advisor: D. Backer, UCB