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Simona Bordoni

Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering
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Mail Code: MC 131-24
Office: 239 Linde+Robinson Laboratory
Phone: 626-395-2672
Email: bordoni@​
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Dipl., University of Rome Tor Vergata, 1996; M.S., University of California (Los Angeles), 2003; Ph.D., 2007. Moore Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 2007; Assistant Professor, 2009-17; Professor, 2017-.

Research Interests

Monsoons; tropical circulations; interactions between mesoscale and larger-scale circulations.

My research interests are in atmospheric dynamics, with a special emphasis on the use of observations and models to develop a theoretical understanding of important processes and balances that influence weather and climate. My work to date has been rooted in the tropics and has emphasized two particular scales (mesoscale and large-scale), but I find it difficult to attribute a particular interest to a specific scale. I am particularly interested in monsoons, because of the variety of scales they embody and the exciting research avenues they provide. By means of observations and modeling, my research on monsoons aims at understanding fundamental dynamical mechanisms which are implicated in their existence, their location and different geographical features, and which might help understand how monsoons change with changing climates.

Selected Publications

Please see my research page for my publications list.