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Research Interests and lab members

Molecular microbial ecology of anaerobic communities involved in carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycling. Application and development of combined molecular, metagenomic, and isotopic methods for relating uncultured microorganisms to biogeochemical processes and understanding interspecies interactions. Specific research interests include microbial community structure and function in deep subsurface habitats,  deep sea marine sediments, oil and gas seeps, and early Earth analog environments, with specific emphasis on syntrophic interactions involved in methane production and consumption.


2008 Orphan Lab members
Front row left to right: Anne Dekas, Patty Tavormina, Ben Harrison, Dave Fike, Abbie Green. 
Top row left to right: Shana Goffredi, Victoria Orphan. 
Missing: Crystal Gammon

2009 Orphan Lab members
Top row left to right: Anne Dekas, Abbie Green, Patty Tavormina, Shana Goffredi, Victoria Orphan, Olivia Mason. 
Bottom row: Jake Bailey and Ben Harrison
Missing: Rachel Poretsky

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    Patricia Tavormina, 2006-present

    Dr. Hiro Imachi, 2011- present (Visiting Research Scientist, JAMSTEC)


   Silvan Scheller, 2012- present (SNF fellow)

   Kat Dawson, 2011- present (NAI postdoctoral researcher)

   Jen Glass, 2011- present (NRC postdoctoral fellow)
   Roland Hatzenpichler, 2011- present (OK Earl Postdoctoral Fellow)

   Joshua Steele, 2010-present
   Shawn McGlynn, 2010-present (Geobiology Postdoctoral Fellow)


    Anne Dekas (NSF Graduate Fellow), 2006-2012

    Abbie Green-Saxena (NSF Graduate Fellow), 2007-present

    Jeffrey Marlow (2009-present)

    Elizabeth Trembath-Reichert (2010-present)

    David Case (2011-present)

    Hank Yu (2012-present)


Sy Labthavikul (ESE senior thesis) 2008-2009

Regina Wilpiszeski (MURF, undergraduate researcher) 2005-2006
Current Affiliation: Yale

Paulene Ku (SURF) 2006

Shan Fu Wu (Christy; visiting research student Belgium) 2006

Nicole Galli (work study student) 2007

Annie Burres (Polytechnic school, senior) 2007

Amy Lifland (Polytechnic school, junior) 2008-present

Garrett Blake (SURF) 2008

Jessica Zha (visiting summer student) 2008

Michaela Muscova (visiting student from Cambridge) 2009

Hannah Liu (SURF) 2010

Aditi Dasgupta (SURF) 2010

Grayson Chadwick (2010)


Stephanie Connon 2010-present (Senior Research technician)

Grayson Chadwick 2011- present


Ben Harrison, 2004-2010 graduate student

Rachel Poretsky (2009-2010)
  Current Affiliation: postdoctoral researcher, Georgia Tech

Shana Goffredi (2004-2009)
   Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Occidental College, CA

Olivia Mason (2008-2009)
   Current Affiliation: postdoc Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Jake Bailey (2008-2009) Agouron Geobiology Postdoctoral Fellow;
   Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, U. Minnesota

David Fike (2007-2008) OK Earl Postdoctoral Fellow
     Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Wash U

Crystal Gammon (2005-2008) graduate student
    Current Affiliation: NYU Journalism

Annelie Pernthaler (2005-2007) Texaco Postdoctoral Fellow
    Current Affiliation: Group Leader, UTZ Leipzig, Germany

Husen Zhang (2004- 2005) postdoctoral researcher
     Current Affiliation: Arizona State University

Haarkho Yi (2006)  postdoctoral researcher
     Current Affiliation: unknown

Kendra Turk (2004-2005) graduate student
    Current Affiliation: UC Santa Cruz, CA